Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lessons from the Soccer Field

So, last night I missed Caroline's soccer game.  (I had to teach my Bible Study.)  Just before I left, we had a little discussion about the pending game.

Me:  Are you excited about the game?

C:  Yes.  But I wish Coach Rob would let me play up.  I get so bored playing full back.  I should just take my book-bag out there and "cop a squat"  and do my homework.  (In her opinion, there is not much action at full back.)

Me:  Why don't you ask Coach Rob if you can play up. 

C:  I did.  He said he needs me in that spot for now.

Me:  Well, maybe you need to just pray and ask God to help you be happy in that spot.

C:  Yeah. (sigh.)

Me:  You know, God has put me in a "spot" that I am not so happy in right now.  But He is teaching me to be content here.  I know He has plans for me in this spot. 

I kissed her goodbye, wished her "luck", and was on my merry way.

When I got home from Bible Study, I was (for once) happy to find that she was still up and anxious to hear about her game. 

Me:  How'd it go?

C:  Well, at first I was not having a good attitude, but then I prayed and after half-time I was actually feeling joyful in my spot.  And guess what!

Me:  What? 

C:  I was having a hard time not using my hands when the ball comes so I just had to make myself keep them behind my back. 

Me:  Yeah.  Sometimes it is so stinkin' hard to keep your hands off the situation....but that's another lesson for another day!

Tonight was her team's first win! But the victory truly is the Lord's because, on the field of a soccer game, her faith in Him grew...

...and so did her momma's.

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