Sunday, March 9, 2014

Handmade Hope

For about a year, I felt the Lord poking my soul to use my "sewing" gifts for Him.  I thought that was going to look like an Etsy Shop and a bit of extra cash for our family's extra-curicular activities... and to beef up my fabric stash.

I tossed around some ideas and nothing really ever stuck.  I knew I was not the kind of modern day sewest who enjoyed taking orders and mass producing items for profit.  

I just like to make things!

Through a course of events and some prep work for my Missions Class at school, the light bulb finally came on.  In studying Genesis, I saw the first sign of pride and self-glory.


God created us to be creators.  After all, he gave Adam the privilege to create when he asked him to name the animals.  (What a cool job, by the way.  Can you imagine getting to name all the animals?  I wonder if he thought, "You know, that looks just like an e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t.  I think I'll name it that!")

Anyway, it was in reading about the serpent's conversation with Eve, that the light bulb came on.  She wanted to be like God.  She wanted the glory for herself.  I went to Him again,

"Okay God.  How can I truly do this for Y-O-U?"

And Handmade Hope was born.

Handmade Hope is a non-profit sewing class for girls ages 12-18.  We meet once a week for sewing instruction and fellowship.  

Through much prayer and very specific requests, God provided the place, the materials, the volunteers, and, most importantly, the girls. 

We have been sewing now for about 6 weeks and are having a splendid time!  My heart has never felt so full.  THIS is exactly why He poked my soul. 

I love how He brings about His plans and purposes.

And there is nothing sweeter than sitting in the center of His will.


  1. You have a precious heart, my friend ♥

  2. Just beautiful! I love it when our hearts and our passions are used to further His kingdom! He has to be smiling on this one!