Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pumpkin Scones

The caramel glaze was definitely the best part.

We made pumpkin scones today.... a first! It was a little messy, but well worth it. Actually, the girls did most of the work. I was just there for moral support... and to supervise clean-up. I hope it was the first of many scones. They were fabulous!

Here's a link to the book I bought myself for my birthday, Alice's Tea Cup ( a fabulous little tea room in NYC!), where you can find the scrumptious recipe:


  1. Love it, love it! Cute pictures. Will check out the link next. Doubt we will be making any scones over here. Maybe venison, but no scones. :)

  2. Ha, ha, just read a few reviews from the book. Hope you caught this one before you made your pumpkin scones they said the measurements were wrong. I bet you caught it. :)

    Here is what the Amazon reviewer said: WARNING! RECIPE ERRORS ...Pumpkin scone recipe has incorrect amounts for the spices (which another reviewer confirmed by calling Alice's and talking to the baker who actually makes them. The correct amount is 1 tsp. ginger, and 1 tsp. cinn.) Unfortunately I did not read the reviews before diving in to make the pumpkin scones (the reason I bought the book in the first place!) which were inedible and a waste of time & money. I get very frustrated with books that are poorly proofread. According to same reviewer the curry chicken was also missing chopped apple.(although this mistake at least makes it just taste different, not inedible!)
    It makes me wonder how many other recipes I'm going to go through that might have mistakes, and what the cost of them could be to the consumer who purchased the book trusting the outcome would be correct according to the recipes paid for by buying the book. I think the integrity of the book is at stake when already 2 mistakes have been found and the book just came out.
    On the positive side.. this might very well mean they really did give out their real recipe which most establishments don't usually do. They change something. But since they have to bake these in bulk, I am guessing that 1/4 cup of ginger and cinnamon was actually the amount in their bulk recipe before it was reduced for home baking. The scary part is the reviewer who called talked to someone who confirmed the book was correct, and lucky for her she knew in her gut it still had to be wrong (after knowing they were inedible!) and finally ended up talking to the baker and found out it really was a mistake.)