Friday, April 11, 2014

Pinewood Derby

There were traffic lights,

and a stop sign,

some dipsticks,

engine heaters,

and grease swabs too!

You can't have a race with out a few spare tires,

and traffic cones are a must!

All "parts" of our first annual NCS Pinewood Derby!

There was a cool race track,

and a whole load of super cool derby cars!

Some to race, and some to eat!

Everybody got "fueled up"...

...and ready to race!

But not without a "Pit Pass!"

There were racers here,

racers there,

racers, racers,


We got our instructions,

started our "engines,"

and cheered for a win!

It was a "fast track finish" for these top five...

... but the jolly good time was a win for all!

I'd say our first derby was a smashing success!

And we can't wait for the next!

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