Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Blessings

For a fun Friday afternoon date with Rebecca which included a cup of soup from Panera in the car and a "plop down" in the magazine section of fun to have no where to go and no place to be!

For a "Friday Night Hair Cut Date" with Andy...ever have one of those?  They're fun!


For the fun of a little "room redo" for Rebecca.

For Caroline's happy overnight playdate at the Hooks house and how she came home rested and full of delightful stories of her time with a friend.


Spending Saturday tucked away in my favorite little nook and all the projects and all the laughter with my girls.  Ahhhh.

For a breakfast belated birthday date with Mary and for an early morning trip to the new Hancock... beautiful and fresh! 


For the cute little pouch Rebecca made for a friend.  For the delightful friend that she is to so many, the lessons this week in that area, and wisdom she lives out from His Word.  It "wows" me all. the. time.  (I give Him all the glory, for He has done great things!)


The iPad case that we made together and the SO CUTE fabric and just the right button and for how we squealed with delight because we are just obnoxious that way.

For the incessant Les Mis singing...makes me think of the Grinch (And they sing, and they sing, and they sing, sing, siNG, SING!!!).

For adding the Valentine holiday touches to the house.

For a birthday party full of teenagers, movies, snacks, and fun.

For Schlotzskys  and Miss America with my girl.

For bringing him home safe after a long, but enjoyable day.

Coming home from church to a warm pot of bean soup... how it smelled so good when we walked in the door.  (So good for a momma's soul when her family is full and happy.)

For this delightful Spring Winter afternoon, riding bikes, walking the dog, fellowshipping with neighbors, grilling out!

And for learning to quilt in swirls!  So fun!

 All that we behold is full of blessings.  ~William Wordsworth

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  1. Love the swirls! I want to make the valentine quilt next!:-) beautimous