Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beach Blessings

The amazing sunset we drove into as we left Anderson on Wednesday evening.  I am sure I have never seen anything more beautiful.  Fluffy pink sky.....unbelievable.  It was like God was saying... "This trip is My gift to you.  Now go, relax, and enjoy."

Scrumptious dinner at Atlanta Bread....an old favorite.  
Decaf House Latte for the road...ahhhh.

Family slumber party in Auburn at Brooke Jackson's apartment....the SAME ones Andy once lived in.  How she waited for us at the curb and how she had our beds all fixed for a good night's sleep.... such sweet hospitality!

The Barbeque House for breakfast....AND lunch!

Free Auburn Hort Forum t-shirts for all of us and visiting with Andy's professors....how they affirmed and encouraged him even after 20 years out.

Toomer's Corner Lemonade and new lute from J&M.

Gorgeous, sunshiny drive to the beach.  Laughter, singing, and conversation....and patience with the "car sillies"!

Reunion with the Colquitts in Niceville...such a treat!

The Destin Bridge...we're almost there!

Nana's traditional "First night at the Beach" dinner.... Chicken Divan and rice:)

How Lydia's boys were beside themselves with excitement....all talking at once.

The sweet sound of "Aunt Alisa" and "Uncle Andy" in tiny voices full of love and life.

Squishy new nieces.

Quilting at the beach:)

6:00pm on the beach as the sun begins to drop in the sky....  
by far, my favorite time in the sand.

Taco Salad Night and Shrimp Boil Night and all the yummy in between!

How all the cousins rode the waves and the squealing and delight.

Finding hermit crabs galore.

How Hoke just stands alongside of his Uncle Andy 
while he fishes and watches him and asks him lots of questions.

The thrill of the catch!

Early morning walks with Rebecca.

Sneaking off to the fabric store and making a new friend.

Andy's texts from his fishing spot under the bridge with the play by play of his catches.


Fluffy sand, crystal clear waters, perfect temps.

Ghost crabbing with all the cousins.

David....sweet, sweet David.

Taking the big girls shopping.

Nana's generous spirit and delight to serve and give and serve and love.  
What a blessing she is!

All Nana's sweet "cronies" and the piles of sweet fellowship year after year at the beach.

Beach living... where there are no "rules".

Shoreline Towers....Tradition.

 Just before it slips below the horizon.... peace.

How God delights to give us "fullness of life."

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.  Psalm 16:11

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