Monday, September 30, 2013

Eighteen Gifts

Still rockin that 80's hair.  What in the world???
1.  He never fails to take out the trash.

2.  He is really good at stopping to smell the roses.  He "slows" me and opens my eyes to things I would otherwise miss.

3.  He has strong, manly hands.

4.  He's a good daddy, a fun daddy, a daddy who listens, a daddy who nurtures, a daddy who recognizes the wonder of this world and opens their eyes to His beauty.

5.  He likes country music.
Callaway Gardens and some high-waisted shorts.  Yeah-baby!
 6.  He likes to work hard and get sweaty.  He has a good work ethic, is honest and loyal.

7.  He talks to me...really talks.  He enjoys telling me about his day.

8.  If I ask him to do a "honey-do", he writes it down and does it.  I rarely remind him.  (From what I hear, that's a great gift!)

9.  He regularly and verbally recognizes God's blessings.  

10.  He is spontaneous.
I used to fish with him.
11.  He's smart and he knows alot of stuff, like how things work and the rules of the game.  If I have a question about something, he usually knows the answer.... but he's not a "know it all."

12.  He is not really "judgmental" ...and he likes all kinds of people.

13.  He genuinely enjoys whatever I cook for him and expresses his appreciation.  (Thanks Nana!)

14.  If he is sorry, he says it... to me and the girls.

15.  He is very child-like in a grown up sort of way... and he still gets excited "like a kid" about life's adventures.

16.  He really loves the Lord, reads His word, and trusts Him to keep His promises, watch over us and sustain us.

17.  He makes me feel special.

18.  He's cute.

Happy 18th Anniversary, Sweetheart.
YOU are the sweetest of God's gifts to me.

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  1. sweet! To one of my very favorite couples, Happy Anniversary!!!!